The Importance of

E-commerce Marketing

It’s that time of year, holiday music on repeat, long lines, packed stores, and bad weather. Sounds fun right? This may be the reason that more and more Canadian consumers are now shopping online. The big question is, has your business kept up with the e-commerce momentum? If not, you may be missing out on a massive market.

It is forecasted that online sales in Canada will hit a whopping 39 Billion by 2019 and increase another 10% by 2021. That’s a lot of loonies. Now you might be saying “ya but I am just a local shop, I can’t compete with the Amazons”, and for the most part that’s true. The thing most people don’t understand is you don’t have to directly compete with the big box stores, you just need to treat your e-commerce like it’s another brick and mortar location.

What Does My Business Need

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all digital marketing strategy, since it really depends on the type of business you have. Are you a service-based company like a restaurant? Do you sell products? Where do you ship to? What kind of marketing budget are you working with? No matter the answers to those questions leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is a must. You also need an e-commerce platform that is both engaging and designed for user experience. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but there are often smaller things that can be addressed to bump up your e-commerce experience.

Things like simplifying your purchase funnel, engaging with potential clients on social media, or just giving your content a facelift. To truly know what your business needs is written in your website’s data:

– High bounce rate, low page times and a low click-through rate usually speak to an issue with the user experience.

– Cart abandonment can speak to shipping costs, a confusing purchase funnel (too many clicks to buy), and unreasonable pricing

Another important thing to do is spend time getting to know your demographics and looking into trends to plan your marketing future. When advertising with social media or Google knowing your target will not only save you on your budget but it will also generate more meaningful leads and sales.

With the trend of online shopping growing every year, ignoring e-commerce as an option for your business will mean you miss out on potential customers and clients. Marketing and selling your products/services online opens up an audience that was previously unavailable and extends your reach significantly. Your online store can act as a second location for your brand but costs less in overhead than a brick and mortar location, and is always open for business.

Did You Know

  • 62%

    of Canadian businesses reported an increase in their online sales in the last year

  • 49%

    of Canadians find it more convenient to shop online

  • 9%

    of transactions this year have been made online

With the busiest shopping season fast approaching, ask yourself if you are getting the most out of your e-commerce setup. If you are looking for advice or help with your e-commerce needs, reach out to us at, or find us on social media.

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