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Mock Website Design

Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of working with all different types of law firms. What I have noticed is that many law websites can be hard to navigate and tend to overwhelm the user with too much content. In most cases you when you are looking for a lawyer you are not in the best state of mind, so with that in mind, I have attempted to create a slick, professional design that uses its content as a design element and not just information.

Below are some of the elements that I had addressed to achieve that.

Clean and Simple Navigation

An easy to navigate is one of the number one element that increases your websites click-through rate. With that in mind, we limited the number of top-level navigation elements so that the user is able to quickly navigate to the area that they need.

Mock Website Design Navigation
Mock Website Design Navigation

The Font – Copperplate Gothic & Roboto

It’s not uncommon to use various typefaces in one website, in the case of this design we used Copperplate Gothic for the headings and Roboto for the main text. We used these fonts for a few reasons.

– Both fonts compliment one another

– They cause less eye strain when compared to flashier fonts. This is important because of the amount of information normally found this industry

The Call To Action (CTA)

For this design, we used muted imagery that has a semi-transparent layer over them. this was done to not only tone down the imagery but it also helps to make the text pop out, making the text the focal point. For the icons and buttons, we used the gold color. We went with gold because traditionally gold can instill a sense of compassion, courage, and wisdom

Mock Website Design

Designed with all different types of devices in mind.

mobile display
tablet display

All the content stacks nicely on mobile devices so that the useability does not suffer.

No matter the device, the design was created with usability and accessibility in mind.

desktop display