Food Industry

Mock Website Design

When it comes to food there are three main things that people look for … the ingredients, the presentation, and the experience, so why shouldn’t the website represent the same things. That’s what this design does.

Below are some of the elements that I had addressed to achieve that.

Clean and Simple

Just like the title says … clean and simple. This basic navigation contains the main pages that any user will need and that’s it.

Mock Website Design Navigation
Mock Website Design Navigation

The Font
– Oswald & Roboto

For the headings, we used the typeface, Oswald. Oswald was selected primarily for the way it looked with italics and the way it popped when used in such an image-heavy website. For the body text, Roboto was selected because of its ability to work with a lot of different typefaces, it is also one of the fonts that are easy on the reader’s eyes.

Designed with all different types of devices in mind.

mobile display
tablet display

All the content stacks nicely on mobile devices so that the useability does not suffer.

No matter the device, the design was created with usability and accessibility in mind.

desktop display