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Website Mock-Up

In many of my experiences with shopping for clothing online, I had found one common trait that has discouraged me from committing to purchasing the product from the online component of the business. What I hoped to address was the often cluttered, busy, convoluted purchase funnel and replace it with a design that has clean and easy UI while maintaining a “classy” and “stylish” design.

Below are some of the elements that I had addressed to achieve that.

Clean and Simple Navigation

Fashion is a visual thing, so having a bulky “mega menu” will take away from the visual aspect that will help increase your click-through rate and ultimately your website’s conversions. So our answer to this is to provide just two buttons; One to take the user straight to the shopping cart and the second to contain a list of the websites pages.

Mock Website Design Navigation
Mock Website Design Navigation

The Font – Montserrat

Montserrat is geometric sans-serif, this typeface was chosen because of a couple of factors. One Montserrat is a clean easy to read font for websites. Two, Montserrat has an elegant but sharp feel to it and it’s uppercase “G” and “J’s” really make it stand out from other sans-serif fonts out there.

The Call To Action (CTA)

Just let me start by saying, I love grey-scale websites. When designing this website I decided that I was going to keep colour to a minimum. By designing this layout in grey-scale I feel that I was able to give this design a masculine, and elegant feel with a sense of class. This also allowed me to leverage colour for the wow effect. Every hover effect will convert the element to its coloured counterpart, this provides a stunning and eye-catching effect for the user.

Mock Website Design

Designed with all different types of devices in mind.

mobile display
tablet display

All the content stacks nicely on mobile devices so that the useability does not suffer.

No matter the device, the design was created with usability and accessibility in mind.

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desktop display