Keyword Analysis

& Content Optimization

Is Your Top KEYWORD Looking More Like Gibberish

Alright let’s get this right out of the way and out in the open. We will never guarantee a 1st place rankings. Also, anyone, who does promise this is just outright lying … period. Here is the thing about rankings, they change, what is more, important in regards to keywords is are they reaching the right audience.

Our keyword analysis is based on some key factors:

  • Search volume
  • Search visibility
  • Relevance
  • Geography
  • And Trends … to name a few

With this information in hand, we can use it to modify content, create new content, update titles / page descriptions, and so on. Doing this will have an effect on your overall visibility / rankings but it will also help to target the right audience … you know the ones who are actually looking to purchase what you are offering.

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